Add Channels to Favourite Group in Xtreamcode OPENBOX V8S

1. To add channels of your choice to favourite group there is a FAV button on the box remote (just below the number 9).


2. Please navigate to the channel you want to add to favourite group and press FAV button.


3. You will notice [FAV] added before the channel. You can do to as many channels you like.


4. When you are finished with your selection just press Exit button on your remote and close the channel list.


5. Press Exit button on your remote once again. Following window will appear Press OK on your remote to confirm YES


6. Another window will appear Press OK again on your remote to confirm YES


7. Open Xtreamcode app again and press RED button on your remote to open Groups. Then scroll down to Fav and press OK


8. Now you can see that channels you have chosen are added to Fav Group.