How to add/install M3U file to MAG250 Box

  • Put the m3u list on USB
  • Go to main menu of MAG250
  • Insert USB
  • Go to ”Home Media”
  • Find USB
  • Press OK on USB
  • Locate M3U File
  • Press OK on ”m3u list” to open it
  • Now you see your TV channel names
  • Press menu (≡)
  • Choose Select all
  • Press menu again
  • Press copy
  • Press TV (it’s on your remote)
  • Now you go to IPTV channels list
  • Press menu
  • Press paste
  • After that Press EXIT (1 or 2 times but don’t hurry)
  • It will ask Save this
  • Press OK to save

Watch YouTube Video: (Click Here) How to add M3U IPTV List to MAG250