Comparison of Genuine and Fake OPENBOX V8S

Please beware of copies of OPENBOX V8S. We’ve been made aware that a high number of illegal copies of OPENBOX V8S are being sold in the UK and the EU.

There are some sellers on major auction websites  selling clone OPENBOX V8S at very low price (under £31) and this price is not possible if they are selling original box as they also have to pay for postage, fees and commissions for their listings and payment processing.
Products we offer represent the highest quality and safety. And it’s no wonder that fake OPENBOX V8S are of very poor quality. You cannot load original OPENBOX firmware as it will give you “Hardware mismatch” error and also poor performance and very slow response. By buying a fake box you will not be able to enjoy full features and excellent quality you desire. And it is not worth buying a fake box to just save couple of quids.

Please click below to open a full comparison of Genuine and fake OPENBOX V8S in order to spot a fake box: