How to flash Zgemma H9x/H9.2x Series

Download latest firmware. If “noforce” file is present in the h9 folder please make sure to rename it to “force

  1. Use FAT32 formatted USB stick
  2. Send the h9 folder and 2 files (“bootargs.bin” and “fastboot.bin”) to the clean USB memory stick and then take it out of your PC properly expelled first 
  3. Switch off your Zgemma H9 at the back, using the white power button 
  4. Insert the USB stick into the back USB port of your H9 
  5. Press and hold the small, black RESET button at the back, then 
  6. Press the white POWER button, while holding the RESET button 
  7. Let go of the RESET button once you see the LED flashing (changing colour between white and red) 
  8. Wait for the box to load after the installation.