Install APK App on OPENBOX VX from USB

  1. Please place the APK file you would like to install on to the USB. Plug the USB in the USB port of the box. Now navigate to MY Apps and press OK

2. In My Apps section open File Browser

3. Now inside File Browser you will see Local Drive and USB Drive. Open USB location by pressing OK on your remote.

4. Now you will see all the files available on USB drive. Scroll down to locate the desired APK file and press ok to open it. (in this tutorial we are using IPTV Smarters as an example).

5. Now you will get Staging App message

6. Ow you will get this screen below asking you to install or cancel at the bottom of the screen. Select install

7. Sometimes you get security messages from Google and we recommend to accept it.

8. When App is installed you will get a confirmation message at the bottom of the screen.