USB WiFi Time-Out Fix

Sometimes while connecting the box to internet via USB Wi-Fi you will experience Time Out error message and does not allow you to connect to the internet. There is a very simple solution and works most of the times.

1. First solution is to reset your broadband and after broadband reboots and start working then try to connect. Each broadband got a “Reset” tiny little button. Different broadband have a different button locations. Please refer to your broadband service provider’s guidance to find out how to reset the broadband.

reset button


2. If first solution doesn’t work and you get Time Out error message don’t do anything just unplug the Wi-Fi Dongle and plug it back in. As soon you unplug the dongle menu will go one step back to Network Settings after plugging the dongle back in just go to Wi-Fi Manager, turn the Wi-Fi device back on and try to connect again by entering your Wi-Fi password and this time it will connect. This method works 90%.